Issue 24 and Volume 30.

GOOD ROADS AND FIRE DEPARTMENTS. IN many parts of Greater New York, notably in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, the condition of the paved streets is so vile as seriously to embarrass the efforts of the fire department to reach a fire as quickly as they might—and this, just when the blaze is in its incipient stage, and seconds count. Instead of having a level, even, and smooth surface to cover, the horses and apparatus have to rush at breakneck speed over cobble stones irregularly laid and streets conspicuous for their sudden depressions and equally sudden Alps-like heights, all of which not only endanger the life and limbs of the horses, drivers, and firemen, but also subject the pieces of apparatus to unnecessary and costly wear and tear and the risk of serious, possibly irreparable breakage. In Manhattan and the Bronx similar perils await the firemen and their apparatus,…

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