Issue 1 and Volume 31.

PITTSBURGH TO PAY. Very properly the Austro-Hungarian government intends to teach the Pittsburgh mill-owners a lesson that human life is something too valuable to be trifled with. The tendency in that city on the part of these iron and steel magnates is to look upon their work people as mere “hands.” mere material, by means of which they can turn so much metal or so much ore into dollars for those who hire them and practically own them, as of old the Southern slave-holders owned their negroes—with this difference, however, that the latter were careful not to expose such expensive goods and chattels to any dangerous risks; these they kept for their white “help.” Hungarians, Slavs, Italians, all these can today he bought at so much per hundred, and, after they have been either worked to death or done to death by some legalized “accident,” can be replaced at the…

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