Issue 1 and Volume 31.

ARGUMENT FOR THE ELECTRIC LIGHT. That the amount of oxygen in a room is decreased alarmingly by our methods of illumination the following simple statements show; A man may exist for an hour in a fair-sized room hermetically sealed if he has no light burning. Place a lighted candle in that room with him and his existence will be shortened by fifteen minutes. If he had a lamp instead of a candle in order to make himself more comfortable with additional light, he would live only half an hour. If he had two good gas burners be would scarcely have time to make his will, for be would not live more than five minutes. Evanston, Ill., has established a school for firemen and each member of the city fire department is required to spend at least two hours a week in recitation. The location, length, breadth, and peculiarities of streets,…

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