Issue 1 and Volume 31.

THE LAMENT OF A VOLUNTEER FIREMAN “I am sorry I joined the local fire department,” growled a New Jersey volunteer fireman in the Newark Sunday Call. “It has been a continual source of discomfort to me from the very beginning. One of the boys asked me to join, and he told me it was one continued round of pleasure—dinners, smokers and entertainments—but never a suspicion of a fire. To tell the truth, when I joined the town had never experienced a fire. The night after I became a member the post office block in Ourtown caught fire. For nine mortal hours I stood out in the freezing air. Once T was nearly buried by a falling wall; a minute inter I was knocked over by a stream of water which froze the minute it hit me. and in the end I got home in time to wash up for breakfast.…

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