Issue 3 and Volume 31.

SANTA CLAUS IN ATLANTA. Santa Claus paid two visits to Atlanta, Ga. On Christmas Eve over 2,000 poor children were entertained at the quarters of engine company No. t. A giant Christmas tree loaded with gifts formed the great attraction. Chief Joyner, of the fire department, Chief of Police Ball, and Harry Schlesinger were the distributors of the presents, they with the city editors of the Constitution and the Journal representing the citizens on the occasion. Chief Joyner and Mrs. Joyner, as is their custom, had a Christmas tree festival in the same place for the fire department, their wives and families. In the darkened room Chief Joyner’s three sons, dressed as elfs. rolled a mammoth snowball, which split open and disgorged other two elfs, who pelted the spectators with bags filled with popcorn and made up like snowballs. The tree was then stripped for the benefit of those present,…

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