Issue 4 and Volume 31.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. Mayor Feeney, of Boston, insists that the fire department of that city ought to be supplied with more modern apparatus and appliances. Chief Horton, of the Baltimore, Md., fire department. attributes many of the fires in his city to defective electrical wires. These fires, he adds, have been by no means confined to big stores and office buildings. The records of the department show instances of such fires taking place in dwelling-houses. The year 1901 was a bad year on all workers in wood, especially the owners of Southern sawonills and lumberyards. The most hazardous, because the most poorly protected risks are those in Mississippi and the North Louisiana, next to which seem to come those in Virginia. For many years, on account of the hazardous nature of the processes of manufacture employed in paper and pulp mills, these were subject to very high insurance rates.…

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