Issue 4 and Volume 31.

CONVENTION OF THE ILLINOIS FIREMEN. The fourteenth annual convention of the Illinois State Firemen’s association took place on Jan. 14 and 15, at Edwardsville. The members met in the courthouse, where the proceedings were opened with prayer by the Rev. Francis M. Wilson, rector of St. Andrew’s Episcopal church. President Chas. C. Chain, of Bushnell, then introduced Mayor N. E. Bosen, who, after welcoming the members, called upon W. M. Warnock to do the same for all the visitors. The president briefly acknowledged the compliment paid to the association, after which Professor B. F. Staymates, the statistician of the organisation, whose eloquent and interesting address was loudly applauded. Routine business, followed by a few words from Chief Heinz, occupied the whole of the first session. In his annual address, in which, among other topics, he referred to the satisfactory growth of the association, President Chain stated that the action of…

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