Issue 6 and Volume 31.

TO DIMINISH FALSE FIRE ALARMS. Loudon Campbell, of 613 Fifteenth street, Washington, D. C., has invented, and will soon have patented, a device (illustrated herewith) for reducing the number of false fire alarms so often turned in without detection. By means of this device the key of the fire alarm box is always in the lock and a very loud preliminary notice is afforded to police and public that the box is being opened. In the accompanying cut a vertical lever is shown pivoted to the door of the box proper, extending therefrom to the lower part of the smaller box mounted upon the top of the main box and having pins passing through openings in this auxiliary box for engaging the mechanism for producing a flashlight. and. at the same time, exploding one or more blank cartridges. The key for unlocking the main door is always in the lock…

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