Issue 6 and Volume 31.

WATER WORKS ITEMS FROM ALL PARTS. (FROM SPECIAL REPORTS TO FIRE AND WATER.) The new water system at Burwell, Neb., will cost $4,000. Kaufman, Tex., will spend $20,000 on a waterworks system. Madison, Neb., will erect a steel standpipe, twenty feet by fifty. John Hillenbrand will build a waterworks system at Batesville, Ind. Hobart, O. T., is installing a waterworks plant at a cost of $100,000. Waterworks will be built by the Sunset Water company in the Sunset, Cal., district. The Denver Union Water company will extend its mains along the streets of Montclair, Colo. Grand Island, Neb., needs water so badly that it has to extend its mains for fifteen blocks. Ross, Power & Co., of Quebec, will build the water and sewer systems at Levis, Que., for about $400,000. The capital of the Laredo, Tex.. Waterworks company has been increased from $140,000 to $200,000. It will take $20,000…

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