Issue 7 and Volume 31.

BALTIMORE AND ITS FIRES. Chief Horton, of Baltimore, has submitted a report which shows that the total losses by fire during 1901 were $1,464,119.99. as against $917,067.54 in 1900. There were 1,010 box alarms; fifty-five false alarms; 407 silent, and eighty-one special alarms—a total of 1,498, or forty more than in 1900. The fires were classified as follows: In brick, stone, or iron build ings, 1,244; wooden buildings, 137; fires other than in buildings, sixty two: false alarms, fifty-five. Chief Horton recommends new engine companie to be located in the vicinity of Madison and North avenues and of Patterson avenue and Orleans street; the purchase of a large size aerial truck: the placing of rubber tires on all aerial trucks; and the equipping with the Browder life net of all aerial trucks. The salaries of probationers arc recommended to be increased to $600 each per annum. North Plainfield, N. J.,…

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