Issue 7 and Volume 31.

ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC VALVES FOR STANDPIPES AND RESERVOIRS. An electro-hydraulic valve which can be operated almost instantaneously from the pumping station makes direct pressure instantly available either for fire extinguishment or for shutting off the water instantaneously in case of a burst main or line of mains. It also reduces the cost of pumping, as the water need not always be pumped up to the extreme height at which some standpipes are built. A standpipe sixty feet high, with a valve at the base that can be operated at any moment from the pumping station, would in many instances answer the same purpose as a standpipe 140 feet high, much less dangerous is to lives and surrounding property and cost, less to put up. This thq electrohydraulic valve can effect. It is simplicity itself and has absolutely nothing about it that can get out of order. Figure 2 shows the interior of…

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