Issue 7 and Volume 31.

FIRE AND WATER The water supply of Paris threatens to involve the French capital in a considerable expenditure. The river Arvre was diverted some eighteen months ago in order to supply the city. Since that time those who lived upon what were formerly its banks have entered suit against the city. One case out of hundreds of others identical with it has just been decided, and Paris has been ordered to pay an indemnity of nearly $50,000. At that rate the city will have to pay out millions of dollars in compensation, which will make the supply as costly as if it were the finest Bordeaux wine. It seems that notwithstanding the increase in fireproof buildings, fire is working greater havoc in cities at present than ever before in the history of 1 he country. The conflagration in Paterson, for a city of its size, was astounding; so was that…

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