Issue 7 and Volume 31.

THE LATEST FIREFIGHTER. A Strong Combination of the Apparatus of Today in One Machine. PITTSBURGH ADOPTS IT FIRST. Pittsburgh, Pa., has added to its fire extinguishing apparatus a combination, champion, telescopic, pneumatic, elevating, aerial hook and ladder truck, chemical engine and water tower, the invention of a Prussian army officer. The length is thirty-one feet from the end of the pole to the rear of the hind wheels, and, with chemical tank charged, weighs 12,700 pounds. The tank and ladder are turned into any position by a level gear which is operated from the rear of the apparatus. The gear is connected with the tanks under the bed of the truck, whose bed is only about eighteen inches from the ground. It is of heavy channel iron and iron plating, and is equipped with Archibald roller-bearing wheels and five-inch rubber tires; the hub of the hind wheels has friction brakes.…

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