Issue 7 and Volume 31.

AN EPIDEMIC OF CONFLAGRATIONS. Millions Gone Up In Smoke. PATERSON THE LATEST VICTIM. The year 1902, so far as it has gone, has proved itself a receord-breaker in the line of great fires, and the past fortnight has been no exception to the rule. The Sabbath rest has twice running been rudely broken first by the Waterbury conflagration on February 2 and then by that at Paterson, N. J., on February 9, the property loss on that occasion being added to by the $600,000 blaze at Jersey City, N. J., when two steamships piers were destroyed, and for a time it seemed as if a second Hoboken disaster were threatened. This was immediately preceded by last Saturday night’s destructive blaze, which not only wiped out much valuable property, but also inflicted fatal injuries on two firemen, very grave injuries on three more, and serious hurt on two or three more.…

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