Issue 9 and Volume 31.

EQUIPMENT OF TALL BUILDINGS. Chicago was recently confronted with the question of the advisability of permitting the erection of buildings of extraordinary height, exceeding that now permitted by city ordinance. The controversy stirred up the various real estate, mercantile, and building trades interests to the point of voicing decided opinions pro or con. While the writer cannot discuss the subject from a political or strictly commercial point of view, he would, nevertheless, invite attention to the fact that the question of fire protection and public safety requires a trifle more serious consideration than has been accorded the case by the various contending parties. For the sake of illustration let us assume a seventy-five-story building on a substantial foundation of proportionate area; if we can build 225 feet, it is only a short step to 500 feet or 750 feet, and our ordinances should be framed accordingly, so as to save…

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