Issue 9 and Volume 31.

THE PARK AVENUE HOTEL FIRE. Very early on Saturday morning last fire broke out in the armory of the Seventy-first regiment, on Park avenue and Thirty-fourth street, Manhattan, New York, and in an incredibly short space of time that apparently impregnable building had to succumb to the enemy. Some careless smoker in one of the company rooms, by throwing away the butt of a cigar or the stub of a cigarette, caused a conflagration, which not only destroyed the armory itself, but also spread to the Park Avenue hotel adjoining, and brought about the taking off of nineteen lives and grave hurt to a very large number of the guests. The armory itself was simply a firetrap. So far as its drill floor went, it was so strongly built and strongly undergirded as to be able to withstand the vibration from marching troops, and the impact of the weight of…

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