Issue 9 and Volume 31.

BAYONNE FIRE DEPARTMENT. Bayonne, N. J., with a population of about 35,000. boasts of one of the largest, best equipped, and most efficient volunteer fire departments in the United States. The department comprises ten companies with a membership of over 500 active firemen and ap paratus consisting of six steamers and tenders, two hook and ladder trucks, and two hose wagons. For the general efficiency, splendid apparatus and luxurious quarters of this firefighting force much credit is due to the adiminstration headed by Hon Egbert Seymour, who is now entering upon his fourth consecutive term as mayor of Bayonne. Mr. Sevmour although now an Exempt, is one of the niost ardent firemen in the State. He takes a lively interest in all that pertains to fire duty, and stands ever ready to favor any movement to increase and encourage the efficiency of that department of mu nicipal safety. During his…

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