Issue 9 and Volume 31.

AMONG THE WATER WORKS MEN. ST. HYACINTHE, QUE. Superintendent M. A. O’Connell, of the waterworks of St. Hyacinthe, Que., in reporting on the Jewell filters installed there, states that when these first began to operate all the mechanical and organic impurities of a size larger than the thousandth part of an inch were found in the water. After a few hours’ work the filters removed forty per cent, of the coloring matter of the water. From a bacteriological standpoint the water before filtration carried 285 bacteria to the cubic centimetre. At the end of five hours there were 253; ten hours, 185; fifteen hours, 186; twenty-four hours, 148; thirty-six, 108: forty-eight, ninety-eight. Granting the minimum result to be forty-three per cent., the result was very satisfactory, no alumina having been used. When alumina was used on the seventh of the same month, the Yamaska river became rapidly swollen on account…

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