Issue 10 and Volume 31.

A FIRE AT BATTLE CREEK. At the recent fire at Battle Creek, Mich., which destroyed the sanitarium in that city, the water supply, under all ordinary conditions can be thrown by one fire engine to the roofs of buildings. On that occasion, however, the one steamer could not feed nine lengths of hose when it was necessary to throw water at a higher level than the top of the standpipe. Almost all the downtown hydrants, also, were frozen solid and had to be thawed out. The local paper of Albion, therefore, asks, “What would be the result in summer when there is so much water in use for sprink ling purposes through the city that it would be impos sible to throw a stream from the ground to the upper stories of some of our downtown blocks?” The stand pipe. which has been built on the highest ground in the…

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