Issue 10 and Volume 31.

THE PARK AVENUE HOTEL FIRE. The gist of all the evidence as yet given before the coroner’s jury impaneled to inquire into the recent Park Avenue hotel fire in this city is to the effect that the fault lay both with the law and with its administration. What is wanted, therefore, are stricter regulations as to the inspection of the buildings used for hotel purposes and the fitting-up and fire equipment of the buildings themselves. It must not he forgotten that even the most scientifically constructed are only slow-burning, not absolutely fireproof, and, also, that even hotels and other buildings whose walls would withstand the fiercest conflagrations might (often do) hum up inside, with loss of life, unless every appliance for fighting fire and affording easy means of escape were at hand. That these appliances were altogether lacking in the present ease is proved by the testimony of the officers…

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