Issue 10 and Volume 31.

CELLULOID THE EXPLOSIVE THIS TIME. Celluloid is an explosive, whose effects, if not equal to those of dynamite, nitroglycerine, potassium chlorate, and one or two more, are at least as deadly and destructive as those of gunpowder, with the added danger that, while the last is nonexplosive unless after contact with fire, celluloid will deflagrate and detonate on being subjected to an undue amount of heat. The principal constituents are guncotton, ether and camphor, the last being explosive, or. at all events, to speak conventionally. adding to the intensity of an explosion, when combined with the other two substances. This stuff, with other explosives, is subject to the law concerning their manufacture, storage, and employment in factories, and the like. As such, it comes under the inspection of the city’s bureau of combustibles. whose province it is to inspect all premises where it is manufactured, stored, or used in some…

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