Issue 10 and Volume 31.

THE WORK OF FIRE ENGINEERS. Lively Operations of Twelve Months. BALTIMORE, MD. Chief Engineer George W. Horton, of the fire department of Baltimore, Md., has submitted his annual report, in which the following occurs: There were 1,498 alarms in 1901. There were 1,244 fires in brick, stone, or iron buildings; 137 in wooden ones; and sixty-two fires not in buildings. The fire losses during the year amounted to $1,464,119.90. The following is the apparatus in service: Twenty-one steam fire engines; twenty-one combination hose wagons chemical engine and hose wagon); eight hose carriages; one water tower: one fi reboat; eight Hayes aerial trucks; three combination trucks (chemical en gine and truck); one bank ladder truck: three chemi cal engines; seven Concord wagons (used by officers); one wagon for use of the superintendent of machinery; three wagons used by linemen of the telegraph department; one large wagon for use of the construction…

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