Issue 10 and Volume 31.

MILWAUKEE HAS A NEW FIREBOAT. A Powerful and Modern Machine. (SPECIALLY WRITTEN FOR FIRE AND WATER.) The new fireboat for Milwaukee, Wis., as designed by W. L. Wood, naval architect, of Chicago, will be conspicuous for its strength, powers of resistance in case of collision or ice, swiftness, and handiness in steering. In order to push her way through the ice, the new boat, as will be seen from the longitudinal section (republished, with the other illustrations, by the courtesy of the Marine Review, of Cleveland, Ohio), has her keel at the forward end carried in an easy sweep above the loadwater line, the forefoot being cut away considerably to enable the boat to work up onto the ice easily and crush it freely. The stem, which has a slight inclination forward at top, is of six by one and onehalf inch steel bar. and the sternpost and rudderpost is…

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