Issue 12 and Volume 31.

ADDITIONAL INSPECRORS FOR MANHATTAN. Perez M. Stewart, superintendent of buildings for the borough of Manhattan. N. Y., in explaining his request for an increase of $40,000 for his department, says that the experience of the fires in the Seventy-first regiment armory and the Park Avenue hotel prove to him that a continuous and systematic inspection must be maintained of all buildings already erected, such as theatres, concert halls, hotels, schools, office buildings, manufactories and workshops, mills, markets, department stores, court houses, hospitals, asylums, armories, libraries, museums, public buildings, etc. This will necessitate the enrolment of a large force of inspectors, twenty at least, all of whose time will be needed to give their sole time and attention to new buildings and buildings in process of alteration. This bureau will give its best endeavor to minimize the loss of human life in the borough of Manhattan and (says Superintendent Stewart) “should…

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