Issue 12 and Volume 31.

NOTES ON WATER SUPPLY OF THE PHILIPPINES (SPECIALLY WRITTEN FOR FIRE AND WATER.) Throughout the Philippines the waterworks systems are very defective. The water itself is not pure, and the method of supply is poor. The few improvements that have been made during the past hundred years were due in part to the Spanish, and more recently to the Americans. On Luzon in the neighborhood of Manila the system and supply are fairly good, but defective in many ways. Outside Manila rivers, wells and rain-basins form the sources of supply. Only in the rain-basins is the water pure, but it becomes impure after standing a little time. Since sanitation has begun to be enforced in the islands, the Filipinos experience some difficulty in getting drinking water, since most of the rivers rise in sections abounding in vegetable matter which is constantly undergoing decay. They are further polluted by the caribou—the…

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