Issue 14 and Volume 31.

CHIEF ENGINEERS OF N. V. WATER SUPPLY. According to the Journal of Commerce of April 3 Commissioner Dougherty has appointed Mr. Freeman chief engineer of this city’s department of water supply. In commenting on the appointment, the Journal of Commerce, after adverting to Mr. Freeman’s connection with former Comptroler Coler and his report on the subject of the wasted water in this city and, consequently, the non-necessity of going to any enormous expense in purchasing a new source of supply, points out that, after all, the new chief engineer “believed that Greater New York must begin to arrange for additional supplies of water, for the growth of the city is rapid, and Brooklyn has no margin. With this all persons who have studied the water problem agree. * * * It is imperative that the city should begin to provide for the vast requirements of the future.” Commissioner Dougherty has…

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