Issue 14 and Volume 31.

WALTHAM WATERWORKS. Good Results Shown in Management of Plant. Waltham keeps up the reputation of other cities in Massachusetts for knowing the value of an abundant supply of good and wholesome water. The present system, which is pumping to reservoir, was built by the city in 1873, and derives its supply from an open filter basin near the north bank of the Charles river. The area of this basin is nearly one-fourth of an acre, and in the beginning its bottom was in the centre, eight and one-half feet below the river level. Eighteen years afterwards a well, fourteen feet in diameter, was sunk in the centre of this basin, eighteen feet below its bottom, and two years afterwards both basin and well were covered. The population of the city is now set down at 24,175, of which 73,750 are on the lines of pipe, and 23,700 are supplied with…

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