Issue 14 and Volume 31.

FIRE NEWS OF THE WEEK. (SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF FIRE AND WATER.) Worcester, Mass., is rearranging its fire limits. Deep River, Conn., has elected Harry D. Tyler chief. Dexter, Me., has appropriated $1,000 for its fire department. Jamesville, Wis., has organised a firemen’s relief association. The State Firemen’s association will meet in May at Waco, Tex. George T. Gates is now chief of the fire department of Watertown, Wis. Chief Wilmarth, of the Topeka, Kan., fire department, now utilises the services of a water pressure gauge when a fire breaks out. William Cready has been elected chief of the Ashland, Ill., fire department. St. Paul, Minn., has decided on a general raise in the salaries of its firemen. B. K. Webber has been re-elected chief of the Negaunee, Mich., fire department. The average yearly fire loss at Hamilton, Ont., for the past twenty-two years has been $56,000. Janesville, Wis., has organised…

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