Issue 14 and Volume 31.

AN UP-TO-DATE COMBINATION CHEMICAL ENGINE The accompanying illustration shows an up-to-date combination chemical engine and hose wagon, the latest style manufactured by A. F. & S. C. Stewart, of Rochester, N. Y. It embodies all the latest improvements, including the Grant roller axles, with steel hubs and a twenty-foot extension ladder carried on rubber-covered rollers over the body of the wagon. The body itself can carry 1,000 feet of cotton hose, and is, besides, fully equipped with all the tools requisite for a firstclass hose wagon. Its chemical outfit is a specialty of this piece of apparatus. It is equipped with double thirty-gallon heavy copper cylinders, and the construction is such that water can be played direct through the chemical hose from the hydrant without playing through the cylinders, also one cylinder can be refilled direct from the hydrant through special piping, while the other is being discharged, and so…

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