Issue 15 and Volume 31.

FIRE NEWS OF THE WEEK. (SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF FIRE AND WATER.) Bonaparte, Mo., has organised a fire company. William S. Soper is the new chief of the Northport (L. I.), N. Y., fire department Fifteen arrests on charges of incendiarism were made last year in Philadelphia. The National Fire Protective association will hold a convention at Philadelphia, Pa., on May 13. The Colonel—”Water! Great guns! ain’t there any fire escape?” Hotel Clerk (to Col. Cutter of Kentucky) “Will you have a pitcher of water sent to your room?” Chief Engineer John A. Stitt, of the Ilion, N. Y., fire department, has been unanimously re-elected. For the third time running H. F. Magee has been re-elected chief of the fire department of Dallas. Tex. Joseph Ileckton, for manv years chief of the Port Huron, Mich,, fire department, has just died very suddenly. South New Castle, Pa., now has a fire department.…

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