Issue 15 and Volume 31.

WHAT WATERWORKS MEN ARE DOING. Construction, Extension, and Management of Plants. JOHNSTOWN, N. Y. With a population of 10,130 in 1900, and an area of 15,000 acres, Johnstown, N. Y., is built at an altitude of from 050 to 750 feet above tide level. Its waterworks were built in 1878, seven years before its incorporation as a city, the Cork Centre, 925 feet above tide level, impounding reservoir in 1889. The Warren reservoir, 955 feet above tide level, is formed by a five-foot dam; it is for distributing purposes. The system is gravity; the source, springs; distance from city, three to six miles; capacity of reservoirs, 13,000,000 gallons (that of YVarren 10,000,000 gallons). The pressure is from eighty to 120 pounds; the supply mains are eleven-inch and sixteen-inch; distribution mains, ten-inch to four-inch; fire hydrants set, 154; supply, Cork Centre stream, 1,500,000 gallons daily; Warren stream, 191,000; Cold Brook (area…

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