Issue 15 and Volume 31.

WHAT FIRE ENGINEERS ARE DOING. The Good Work They Accomplished. DURBAN, NATAL Capt. Morgan, late chief of the fire brigade of Durban, South Africa, did a great work while he was in command of that organisation, which was established in August, 1898, and consisted of then two divisions, with three officers and thirty men Capt. Morgan has had its personnel increased. The equipment consists of three steamers, of which one is a 360-gallon new Greenwich, double-cylinder, raising steam from cold water in eight minutes full glass; another is a 360-gallon, old single-cylinder, raising steam under the same conditions in eleven minutes; and the third is a 600-gallon, old doublecylinder, raising steam in fifteen minutes under the same conditions; large tender, one; telescopic fire ladders, three; hose carts, three; hose reels, six; hose, with spring coupling, 10,000 feet, two and onehalf inch unlined canvas; electric street fire alarm pillars, twelve; Vajen-Bader…

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