Issue 15 and Volume 31.

WATER SYSTEM OF ST. PAUL. A Model Plant For Others to Follow. The twentieth annual report of the board of water commissioners of St. Paul, Minn., just published by the indefatigable secretary, John Caulfield, is a wonderful and instructive compilation, dealing with the splendid work done by the board and affording, besides, most valuable information on the subject of electrolysis from the standpoint of a practical expert chemist such as is Professor George Weitbrecht. That report shall be dealt with at length in a future article. The system was originally built in 1870 by the St. Paul Water company, and was purchased by the city in 1882 at a cost of $510,000; on extension account (betterments in city) has been spent $2,080,396.85: on construction account (betterments outside of city). $1,365,035.18; on meters, $100,355.29; meters, $100.355.29—total cost to date, $4,055,767.32. The present bonded debt is $2,436.000—a decrease of $10,000. There are…

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