Issue 16 and Volume 31.

PRECAUTIONS AGAINST FIRE AT BELLEVUE HOSPITAL. Plans are being prepared which, in accordance with the demands of New York city’s department of buildings, will tend greatly to reduce the chances of fire disaster in Bellevue hospital. A thorough inspection of the buildings has been made by the department of buildings, and the reports which followed recommended a large amount of work on the hospital structures. Among others, these orders were issued by the department after receipt of the report of the inspectors: The fireproofing of the elevator shaft; the removal of a wooden duct in the linen room; the removal of lath and plaster partitions near the amphitheatre of the main building: and the construction of an extra line of stairs from the balcony of the east wing to the main building. The erection of selfclosing fireproof doors was ordered in all stories of the east wing, and in the…

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