Issue 16 and Volume 31.

MISCELLANEOUS NEWS ITEMS. Among the most recent examples of the work of the McShane Bell Foundry is a chime cast for the Smith Memorial chapel at Glenn Mills, Pa. This chime consists of ten bells; the largest bell weighs 2,100 pounds,and is forty-six inches in diameter; the smallest bell weighs 200 pounds and is twenty-one inches in diameter. The total weight of the bells and mountings is about 10,000 pounds. They are equipped with an improved chiming apparatus. The purity, richness, and sweetness of tone possessed by this chime of bells are reported as fine. The McShane Bell Foundry has a worldwide reputation as makers of the finest bells for churches, courthouses, fire alarms, all purposes. The Eureka Fire Hose company, 13 Barclay street, New York, has made a change in its Pennsylvania agency; but its interests in that territory will still be cared for by Mr. Henry R. Early,…

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