Issue 18 and Volume 31.

WHAT WATERWORKS MEN ARE DOING. Construction, Extension, and Management of Plants. YONKERS, N. Y. Yonkers, N. Y., is a well-metered city. Its estimated population to date is 50,000; that on the lines of water pipe is set down at 49,000; that supplied with water, at 48,000. The total consumption of water during the year was 1,495,955,717 gallons, of which 329,126,463 passed through domestic meters; 91,840,345 (twenty-two per cent.), through meters at special rate; 185,883,273 (6.14 per cent.), through manufacturing meters; gallons daily to each in habitant, eighty-two; to each consumer, eighty-four; to each of the 5,238 taps, 782; to each domestic meter, 179; to each manufacturing meter, 3,536. The number of meters in use (304 added last year) is 5,156, with ten indicators. They are as follows: Crown, 2,254; Thomson, 975; Nash, 668; Trident, 487; Lambert, 260; Hersey, 189; Standard, 176; Worthington, thirty-four; Empire, twenty-five; Standard, eighteen; Gem, twelve; rotary,…

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