Issue 18 and Volume 31.

FIREPROOFED WOOD IN NEW YORK. According to law, fireproofed wood must be used in the construction of certain buildings erected in the city of New York for window frames, interior trim, and the like. Hitherto a number of processes for fireproofing would have been “approved conditionally” by the building department, and have been used extensively in office and other structures which demanded the reduction of the fire risk to the minimum, so as the better to safeguard life and property. Commissioner Stewart has been testing wood so prepared, and has found that very much of it was not fireproofed at all, either because the process had been at fault, or because the treatment had not been properly applied. Such wood is not to pass muster for the future, and, in order to procure the best results in the line of fireproofed material. Commissioner Stewart called together a body of experts…

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