Issue 18 and Volume 31.

PITTSFIELD SEWAGE DISPOSAL PLANT. The New System Nearly Completed. (Written for FIRE AND WATER.) During 1901 Pittsfield, Mass., spent much labor and money in sewage disposal works on the plan of intermittent filtration. The sewage will be received into three reservoirs now practically completed. It will be pumped through a force-main for about two miles and three quarters, and distributed on filter beds through which the purified sewage finlly reaches the river. The force-main, which was laid by city labor under the supervision of Superintendent Biladeau, is constructed of 11.467 lengths of iron pipe. The top soil for the beds was taken off the beds and excavations were made until the proper material for filtering was found. Banks were thrown up in some instances to a height of eight feet. Over 20,000 feet of pipe was used to underdrain the fields, and sixty-eight manholes with the proper sluice gates were…

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