Issue 19 and Volume 31.

PRETORIA FIRE BRIGADE CLUB. (Specially written for FIRE AND WATER.) PRETORIA, S. A., March 5, 1902. One specially noticeable feature about the war in South Africa has been that Tommy Atkins’s John Bullism has been more or less present throughout its whole course. This has been evidenced by the fact that, wherever possible, the British soldier has carried with him not only his national characteristics of pluck, perseverance, and pegging away at the enemy under whatever conditions (and sometimes these conditions were downheartening and adverse enough), but also his national games of cricket, football, and the like, and his inevitable club. And thus it comes to pass that we had no sooner settled down in this city, and a certain number of us had been organised into a fire brigade, than we at once established the Pretoria Fire Brigade Recreation club, with its life members, its honorary members, and its…

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