Issue 19 and Volume 31.

STREAM POLLUTION IN SOUTH DAKOTA. The city of Leadville, S. Dak., is building a sewer system, which is to discharge the sewage, without purification, into a small stream passing through Deadwood, about three miles below. The dilution, under the original condition of the stream, would not be enough to prevent a nuisance, and the case would be the same with the present additions made to the stream for milling purposes, if it did not happen that about 2,400 tons of fine sand tailings from stamp mills every day found their way into the water. All this clean and cleansing material so separates, dilutes, and reduces to fine particles the solids in the sewage, that, under ordinary flowconditions, no nuisance can be possible. Another supply of water will soon be added, nearly doubling the flow; but it will be accompanied by the tailings from a large cyanide plant with a capacity…

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