Issue 19 and Volume 31.

LA FRANCE FIRE APPARATUS. The La France portable electric search light consists of a frame and running gear, with a La France boiler, sixty inches in height and twenty-eight in diameter. A five-inch by five-inch light and compact engine is mounted on the frames in front, supplied with an oiling device by which its bearings can be kept oiled from one reservoir, and a shaft governor is set to run at 650 revolutions a minute. Directly connected with the engine is a five-kilowatt marine type, multipolar generator supplying sixty-five amperes of current at a pressure of eighty volts and entirely inclosed, so that no sparks can reach the armature. Between this and the crane neck of the frame is the driver’s seat, on each side of which is an eighteeninch projector, which swings through a complete circle when the driver’s seat is folded over forward. These cover a large area…

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