Issue 20 and Volume 31.

ADJUSTABLE SELF-LOCKING HAMES. Moyer & Wessels, of 910 Arch street, Philadelphia, are agents for patented,adjustable,self-locking hames, collars, and trace hooks, which combine strength, lightness, and neatness. By bringing the hook to the front of the hames they are so contrived that no friction of the harness can open the latch when the horse is hitched to the apparatus, whereby the hames, which can be adjusted to any horse, are made absolutely secure. These hames comprise side sections, each formed of two parts telescopically secured together, with cross-bars on the upper ends of the lower parts and the lower ends of the upper parts passing between these cross-bars and adapted so as to engage one of the recesses, and a screw stud in the lower end of each upper part, arranged to form a stop to contract with the cross-bars. These hames. which make the collars as light as themselves, are…

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