ARSON IN 1901.

Issue 20 and Volume 31.

ARSON IN 1901. During 1901 the National Board of Underwriters offered 193 rewards, amounting to the sum of $59,200, for the detection and conviction of incendiaries. Five of these rewards were paid. amounting to $1,700. and six convictions, amounting to twenty-five years in sentences, were obtained. Out of thirty-five States concerned, in those of New York and Pennsylvania twenty-three such rewards were offered: in Yew Jersey. fourteen: in Tennessee. thir t’en: in Illinois and Kentucky. eleven each; in Geor cia. ten. Since 1873. when the fund was established, i,048 rewards, amounting to $1,662,250. have been offered. John Temoleton. chief of the fire department o Council Bluffs, Ia.. was seriously injure4 and thre firemen were badly burned while working on a hi~ fire in the school for the deaf, three miles southeas of Council Bluffs,

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