Issue 20 and Volume 31.

TO MAKE FIRE INSURANCE CHEAPER. The Journal of Commerce of New York makes the following very sensible suggestions as to making fire insurance cheaper: The way to make insurance cheaper to the buyer is to make it less costly to the company to furnish it. The addition of taxes, license fees, drastic requirements, and antagonistic statutes increases the expense account of underwriting institutions, and results in an equivalent extra loading of rates. What is needed is a reduction of the fire loss. Too many fire departments are run by the poli ticians and are mere political machines. Probably no underwriter of prominence could today truthfully say that he knows of two hre marshals, of the vast army of them throughout the United States, who thoroughly and efficiently perform their duties. In many cities building laws are utterly unsatisfactory, and, as in Philadelphia, have resulted in a flimsilybuilt business district. The…

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