Issue 20 and Volume 31.

MASSACHUSETTS WATER NOTES. The water of the Westfield, Mass., river is somewhat better than that of the Connecticut river without filtration: but the latter, as compared with that of the Nashua river above Clinton (the principal two best sources of supply of the metropolitan district) is of considerably better quality although its hardness somewhat exceeds that of the former. The new dam at Holyoke, Mass., for which bids are soon to be asked, will be 700 feet long and thirtyfive feet deep at the deepest part. It will be built of earth, with a masonry core ten feet deep at the bottom and two feet at the top. The dam will slope from the top toward the basin, and also from the basin, and will take some 20,000 cubic yards of earth and 2,000 cubic yards of masonry. The dam will hold back some 300,000,000 gallons, covering sixty acres. The…

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