Issue 20 and Volume 31.

PERSONALS. On retiring from the position of head of the fire department of Kalamazoo, Mich., the members of the Firemen’s Relief association presented former Chief Healy with a handsome Morris chair. Former Mayor Miles made the presentation speech. Dr. Chas. A. Wells, M. D., who has just been elected mayor of Hyattsville, has been identified for years with the welfare of the town, and was recently a leading spirit in the agitation ior waterworks, which resulted in the installation of a modern waterworks system. After a service of six years with the Metropolitan waterworks at Clinton, Mass., where he was division engineer, supplementing his work on the Chicago drainage canal. Alex. E. Kastl. M. Ant. Soc. C. E., has been appointed chief engineer of the Denver, Colo., Union Water company.

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