Issue 22 and Volume 31.

FIRE NEWS OF THE WEEK. (SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF FIRE AND WATER.) Harlan P. Norton has been appointed chief at Bristol, Conn. Boston has now 700 paid fire department employes. Only three cities have more. Chief Cook, of Seattle, Wash., is to have five firemen added to the department. The Freeport (L. I.), N. Y., fire department has presented its officers with gold badges. Morris F. Gardner is the new fire chief at Montclair, N. J. His term is for two years. Adams, Mass., feels the need of a new central fire station, with horses and permanent men. Chief Tobin has added a searchlight to the equipment of the fire department of San Antonio, Tex. The large size hose-wagon, attached to engine company No. 2, of Newark, N. J., is being rebuilt and equipped with rubber tires. The Mount Vernon, Ill:, fire department has resigned in a body; no reason was…

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