Issue 22 and Volume 31.

FIREMEN DECORATED. On Saturday last, in presence of two former fire commissioners, , city officials, and some 800 or more persons assembled in the drill yard at fire headquarters in East Sixty-seventh street, Manhattan, New York, Mayor Low made the annual presentation of honor medals to firemen for heroic deeds at fires. After the ceremony he said that to decorate these was one of the greatest privileges he had ever had and that he wanted to praise these particular members of the New York fire department. “You come (he continued) from companies in various parts of the city, which shows the uniform excellence of the firemen of this city.” First Grade Thomas J. McArthur, of engine company No. 47, received the Bennett medal for dragging out an unconscious comrade from amid the crashing walls and the third explosion at the Tarrant fire in October, i960. First Grade Fireman Jeremiah Haggerty,…

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