Issue 23 and Volume 31.

WATER SYSTEM OF ROCK ISLAND. During the year ending April, 1902, Superintendent Bancroft pumped 1,297.379,930 gallons—an average of 3,554,465 gallons per day for the entire city, or a rate of 161.56 gallons per capita. The pump ran 6,910 hours; the amount of coal used was 3,545 tons; and the cost of the fuel was $4,844.76. It is believed with good reason that fully one-half of the water pumped to the consumers of the city is wasted, and it is recommended that this must stop or another pump must be purchased to provide against emergencies. The setting of as many meters as possible each year till every tap in the city is supplied with one is advised as the most economical and reliable method of meeting the difficulty. It is also urged that the meter system be extended to the city schools, and that they be requested to pay rates the…

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