Issue 23 and Volume 31.

LITTLE FALLS AND ITS WATER SUPPLY. At Little Falls, N. Y., during 1901, it was necessary to use some water from Spruce creek, in addition to the Beaver creek supply. A four-inch was replaced by a six-inch fire hydrant at Casler’s saw mill on Southern avenue; four-inch pipe was put in on Webster street—in extent 390 feet. There were no breaks in the distribution system during the past year. Cast iron pipe was put in on the conduit line at Keeler’s, at Ives’, at Salisbury village, at Silliman’s, and at Parker’s—aggregating 3.800 feet—to replace the vitrified pipe. In the Beardslee suit for $75,000 for alleged diversion of Spruce creek water the court directed the city to start condemnation proceedings and appointed Hon. R. C. Briggs referee to take evidence and report February 1, 1902. Several other claims remain to be adjudicated upon. The total cost of the construction of the…

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